Give Differently

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Have you heard of Citizen Commerce? This holiday season, you may want to check in with The Grommet before you run to purchase gifts. Especially if you are looking for clever, useful and inspiring gifts with real meaning behind them. The Grommet is a product launch platform that spotlights unique and undiscovered products with a […]

Doorstep Delivery


The countdown is on and we’re off to the races, for holiday gifts that is! So why not give the gift that keeps on giving delivered right to your loved one’s doorstep? With the explosion of subscription retail options for all kinds of interests, you can now bestow a box of treasures that arrives each […]

Poor Cat Designs

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Meowww! If you haven’t heard of Poor Cat Designs, I’m happy to make the introduction to this line of original handmade jewelry featuring platinum, 24-karat, and 18-karat yellow gold, 18-karat white gold, 18-karat pink gold, and sterling silver charms strung on leather strands in numerous colors, artisan chains and colorful fabrics. Photo via Premiere Digital Created […]

Beauty & Soul


Although I love Barnes & Noble and Amazon, I’m duly committed to the public library when it comes to reading books. And even though I consider myself pretty tech savvy, I haven’t yet been able to convert to digital books — I prefer to hold and get lost in a physical book with its often […]

Mighty Girls

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Wanting to dive into a regular yoga practice, I found myself immediately taken with Laura Sykora’s adorable mother/daughter yoga pose portraits regularly seen on her Instagram account: Scrolling through her colorful and inspiring photos, I can’t help myself from gasping in awe as some of her solitary poses are simply spectacular! With over a million […]

Woman Inspired Art


I’d like you to meet a Shining Star, Jessica Sporn – artist, activist, mother and a truly inspiring woman. I first met Jessica when she served as the Director of a community theater (Gas Lamp Players) production of The Secret Garden in which my daughter, Chloe, starred as Mary Lennox, one the show’s lead characters. […]

Fig & Olive


I love falling into the proverbial rabbit hole and getting lost in its allure. What I thought was just going to be a leisurely lunch with a friend at a trendy cafe in Scarsdale, NY, actually turned out to be culinary nirvana. The moment I stepped into FIG & OLIVE’s Mediterranean oasis of warm, terra […]

Redefining Success..

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What price are you willing to pay for success? For Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the Huffington Post Media Group (to which I subscribe and read daily), a collapse with a broken cheekbone brought on by complete exhaustion caused her to reexamine what it really means to be successful in today’s fast-paced, pressure filled world. I’m […]

Truth In Beauty..


In addition to Jewelry Designer, I’ve added Blogger and now Beautycounter Consultant, to the ever growing stable of creative hats I wear and I’d love to share WHY: I had absolutely NO IDEA that the cosmetics industry is not regulated and that companies can put whatever chemicals they want into their products with no research into […]

Bejeweled Blitz..

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I’ve made it no secret that I’m addicted to vintage jewels…they’re what make my custom “Be A Star!” neckpieces sparkle like crazy! So why not adorn some of your otherwise simple accessories for instant eye catching glamour? How about this ostrich feathered clutch? Isn’t she fabulous? On her own, she’s elegant, but adorned with this […]

Creative Secrets

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I was lucky enough to pick up this special little book with the purple watercolor swirl at the dollar store if you can believe it! The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women showcases interviews with dozens of highly successful women with their own individual takes on on what it takes to find success. At the […]

Girl Power Crowned..


Did you watch the Miss America Pageant? Looks like it’s the rule of three for New Yorkers taking home the coveted crown! Kira Kazantsev, the newly crowned Miss America 2015, is the third consecutive Miss New York to win the title and like the two young women before her, she certainly inspires. A triple threat […]

The Burning House

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If your house suddenly caught on fire, what would you grab as you fled out the door? That’s precisely the question Foster Huntington asked himself, so he gathered his cherished belongings and photographed them, and then asked a few friends to do the same which became the premise for his book, The Burning House. It’s a clever […]

Health Ambassador


Meet my inspiring friend, DONNA CASTELLANO, A Shining Star* Isn’t she beautiful? Well it’s her inner beauty and inspiring mission to educate families and schools on the benefits of healthier eating via natural whole foods that really radiates. In addition to introducing several successful programs and creating an organic community garden at my daughter’s elementary […]

Unexpected Beauty


I’m always inspired by finding beauty in the most unexpected of places: Check out the iconic beauty in these famous portraits recreated with recycled materials by Jane Perkins: Or Beethoven’s 5th symphony recreated via Robert Tiso’s beautiful glass harp of water filled crystal glasses:    And the exquisite beauty expressed in this light filled Japanese dance troupe […]

Palm Beach Cuisine

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The mere mention of Palm Beach conjures up images of sophistication, elegance, and overflowing wealth in a tropical paradise with stunning architecture and when I visited this mecca several years ago it did not disappoint! So when I received Worth Tasting: A Culinary Tour Through the Architecture of the Palm Beaches as a Christmas gift […]


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On my recent jaunt into Chelsea NYC, I discovered something intriguing…a different kind of story that deserved its own separate blog post! ST( )RY is a new concept in retail and community where a 2,000 square foot traditional brick and mortar retail space on 10th Avenue is transformed into a media venture with the point […]



Isn’t this Beachwriting  awesome? I received it as a Christmas gift from my dear friend and creative photographer extraordinaire Liz Smith, co-owner with Jeanne Jamin of The Blue Bungalow boutiques in Rockaway and Long Beach, New York. We are big beach people and my husband grew up serving as a city lifeguard on the beaches of […]

Charming Chelsea

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Several times a year I go into New York City to spend the day with my friend Ginny of eighteen years and her daughter Maddie who is best buddies with Chloe, and when Ginny suggested wandering around in Chelsea, I was certainly up for a change of scenery from suburban New Jersey! It’s been a […]

Coastal Collection


A lover of sepia photography and all things coastal, The Coastal Collection photography series immediately caught my eye. And since I’m known as “The Starfish Lady” because of my signature “Be A Star!” jewelry collection made with real finger starfish, I was thrilled to meet another fellow “Starfish Lady” who I now consider a friend! […]

A Garden Blossoms


What was once a blank canvas of white walls and undressed windows later became a beautiful garden nursery for my daughter, Chloe. A lover of roses and bunnies, I couldn’t help myself but to go all out in creating a special nursery for my little one. I commissioned an artist to custom hand paint all […]

Meet the Amazers

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So I’m going to share something amazing with you! I stumbled upon two brothers who founded an online community designed to push you to the limit of what you can achieve with full on support. Ready for the challenge? The Amazers mission is to engage people with inspiration, motivation and empowerment based on the fundamental […]

House of Turquoise

Foyer at the HGTV Smart Home 2013 located in Jacksonville, FL

You know how I mentioned that I’m pining for blue this summer? Well I just couldn’t keep from sharing one of my favorite sites: House of Turquoise!  If you’re looking for supreme design and decor inspiration, this blog is a master’s showcase with a full menu of treats in every shade from sea to sky: […]

Star Spangled


As today is July 4th, I am reminded that on July 25th, Chloe will be enjoying the privileged spotlight as she sings The National Anthem live at the Lakewood Blueclaws baseball stadium in New Jersey. After an audition at a local area mall back in March, we were thrilled to receive the phone call to […]

Lila Mae USA Made


Inspired. Sustainable. Locally sourced. I’m so excited to share this collection of American artisan finds from Lila Mae, an eco friendly company that features a thoughtfully curated collection of safe, natural, responsibly-made treasures.   If you are curious, as I was, about the origin of the company’s namesake Lila Mae, you’ll be delighted to learn […]

Surprise Cakes

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I sure do love a surprise, don’t you? But only the pleasant kind please! If you’re headed to a 4th of July party or hosting one, this is an easy, healthy can’t miss delight: the No Bake, Watermelon Cake courtesy of Jennifer at! No need for complicated ingredients or instructions: just cut the watermelon […]

Photogenic Secrets


So now that summer is fully upon us, who doesn’t find themselves the subject of an onslaught of bare skinned photos? With all the expected fun in the sun, I’m sure we all want to put our best face forward, especially in front of the unforgiving camera lens so I am going to leave it […]

Romantic Icons


Tall and tan and young and lovely… It was fifty years ago earlier this month that Heloisa “Helo” Pinheiro, the woman that inspired the quintessential bossa nova song, The Girl From Ipanema, was revealed as the focus of intense infatuation. Who knew that there was actually a real woman behind this uber famous melody? I […]

Sun Warriors

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My family calls me the SPF Police and by now they’re pretty used to my patrolling the doors before they leave for a day out into the blistering summer sun. These days, I find myself covering whatever I can to avoid general sun damage and the onset of wrinkles but luckily there are so many great stylish […]

Bathing Beauties

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With beach season officially here, I’m looking to add a new suit to my collection. Unfortunately I’m not in the bikini club and that’s the way I like it! Too much pressure to keep the mid section buff and flat and after birthing two children I’ve found that sticking to my methods of disguise work […]

Father’s Day..

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So here we are again…in addition to Father’s Day, I have the distinct pleasure of double gifting since my husband’s birthday is only days following the big Hallmark holiday. Hence the conundrum: pressure to find meaningful but unique gifts, and for me, that’s giftS PLURAL. Well have I got a pssssst… for YOU my savvy […]



What’s more fun than shopping with your own mini me? NADA! Especially when she has the same taste in clothing and accessories (which will prove unfortunate as she grows older and – GULP – winds up having the very same shoe size as you!)  Well we couldn’t resist a shopping night at the beautiful luxury […]

Chasing Dreams

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When I received my delivery of Restoration Hardware‘s latest pack of 13 catalogs I was admittedly a bit bewildered. So dreamy is this store and its collections that I know once I open the books, I’ll slide into a quasi reality filled with deep longing. I want to fully inhabit this euphoric universe! My eyes […]

Pink Lady

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I’m so glad you came to my online party here at ALLURE DECOR! Well since you’re here and you’ve had a chance to mingle a bit, it’s time for a toast because this blog was launched on my birthday! I’m happy to share a few of my favorite celebratory libations with you… Whenever I visit […]